Edgar de Brito Lyra Netto

Academic Responsibilities

Coordinator of Graduation, Philosophy Department, PUC-Rio; Coordinator of the Philosophy Sub-Project, PIBID/PUC-Rio


edlyra@puc-rio.br / lyranetto@gmail.com


Doctor of Philosophy PUC-Rio


Edgar Lyra has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (1981), and Master’s (1999) and Doctorate (2003) Degrees in Philosophy from the Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro. He is an established member of the main teaching body of the Philosophy Department of PUC-Rio where, since September 2013, he has coordinated the graduate course (Bachelor’s Degree) and, since August 2012, the sub-project, PIBID-CAPES. He has experience in the field of Contemporary Philosophy, especially ethical problems, politics and pedagogy related to the current technological hegemony and its environmental impacts. He works mainly with the authors Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt, on whom his publications are focussed. More recently he has devoted himself to the study of rhetoric with political-pedagogic intentions, based on its Greek context of sedimentation, notably regarding the rhetoric of Aristotle in relation to its contemporary echoes. Between 2014 and 2016 he was responsible for the coordination of the Heidegger Work Group, of ANPOF (National Association of Philosophy Post-Graduation). Since 2014 has worked as an associate on the Vocational Master’s Degree for the Teaching of Philosophy of CEFET-RJ. Between June 2015 and June 2016, he worked as an assessor of SEB-MEC (Basic Education Office – Ministry of Education) on the elaboration of the Social Sciences document of the National Common Curricular Base.

Lines of research

Contemporary Philosophy

Philosophy and the Environmental Question

Research projects

The role of philosophical interrogation in the technological age

Science, nature, information and knowledge (concluded)

Anthropological implications of the environmental debate



Recent publications


Articles in periodicals:

·   Philosophy in the National Common Curricular Base. Coletiva Magazine, n.16 (2016). Electronic publication of Fundaj (Joaquim Nabuco Foundation). http://www.coletiva.org/index.php/artigo/a-proposta-da-filosofia-na-bncc/
·   Heidegger au Brésil. Présentation des chercheurs, panorama des recherches. Bulletin Heideggerién, vol. 6 (2016): 28-50. The dossier was prepared by André Duarte (UFPR) based on the writings of the authors (Edgar Lyra, p. 45-46) and at the request of the editor Christophe Perinn. https://www.uclouvain.be/407892.html .
·   On the reception of Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’. What Makes Us Think, 36, n.1 (2015): 54-73. https://www.academia.edu/26403251/Sobre_a_recep%C3%A7%C3%A3o_dos_Cadernos_Negros_de_Heidegger
·   “Heidegger and the Common Destiny of the East and the West”. Jornal of Chinese Philosophy, 41, n.3-4 (2014): 426-441. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1540-6253.12113/abstract;jsessionid=9032F125239B4A6B27EE750B174B6E3B.f03t02


– Book Chapters:

·   Autonomy and Authorship – or Paulo Freire and the Germans. Citronella: texts on the production of knowledge, the production of didactic material and other essays, edited by Castanheira, Maurício, João André Fernandes da Silva and Taís Silva Pereira. Rio de Janeiro: Publit Soluções, 2016, 217-222. https://www.academia.edu/26757903/Autoria_e_autonomia_ou_Paulo_Freire_e_os_alem%C3%A3es
·   The Actuality of the Heideggerian Gestell or the Allegory of the Warehouse. Heidegger: the Question of the Truth of Being and its Incidence throughout his Thinking, edited by Mac Dowell, João SJ, Marco Antonio Casanova and Fernando Fragozo. Rio de janeiro: Via Verita, 2014, p. 138-158. https://www.academia.edu/16566127/A_Atualidade_da_Gestell_heideggeriana_ou_a_alegoria_do_armaz%C3%A9m
·   Lyra, Edgar, Maria José Carneiro, Teresa da Silva Rosa and Laila Sandroni: Who does Science Speak For? The limits and possibilities of the interface between science and politics, Environment and Society in the Amazon: an interdisciplinary approach, edited by Vieira, Ima Célia Guimarães, Peter Mann de Toledo and Roberto Araújo Oliveira Santos Junior. Belém: Museu Goeldi and Garamond Universitária, 2014, 99-122. https://www.academia.edu/10904551/Para_quem_fala_a_ci%C3%AAncia_Limites_e_possibilidades_da_interface_entre_ci%C3%AAncia_e_pol%C3%ADtica


– Others

·   The Importance of Philosophy in Elementary Education, ANPOF Column, Nov. 2016. http://anpof.org/portal/index.php/pt-BR/comunidade/coluna-anpof/1008-sobre-a-importancia-da-filosofia-na-formacao-basica
·   Interview for ANPOF about the National Common Curricular Base, 2016. http://anpof.org/portal/index.php/pt-BR/2013-11-25-22-44-25/documentos/2-uncategorised/668-entrevista-com-edgar-lyra-sobre-a-base-nacional-comum-curricular-bncc