Paulo Cesar Duque Estrada

Academic duties

Associate Professor; Central Coordinator of Post-Graduation and Research at PUC-Rio; member of the Council of International Cooperation of PUC-Rio; member of the Heidegger Work Group of ANPOF; member of the Brazilian Phenomenology Society (SBPF); editor of the magazine O que nos faz pensar



Doctorate in Philosophy (Boston College, 1993); Master’s in Philosophy (PUC-Rio, 1987); Visiting Fellow (New School for Social Research, 1999-2000).


He works in the fields of phenomenology, hermeneutics and deconstruction, with emphasis on the subjects of language, alterity, ontology, ethics, art and difference.


Lattes Curriculum:

Research projects

Critique of representation in Heidegger and Derrida

Subjectivity and criticism of the subject

Deconstruction of language and writing: paths to another politics

Recent publications

Articles in periodicals

“Heidegger and the ontological reading of praxis: a delimitation of the problems” (“Heidegger e a leitura ontológica da práxis: uma delimitação da problemática.”) Phenomenology Today V (Fenomenologia Hoje V) (2016), 344-362

“Mark and the thought of being: on a Derridean reading.” (“Marx e o pensamento do ser: sobre uma leitura derrideana.” O que nos faz pensar, vol.36 (2015), 107-119

“Never surrender to the file: notes on the ‘File sickness’ of Jacques Derrida.” (“Jamais se renuncia ao arquivo: notas sobre ‘Mal de arquivo’ de Jacques Derrida.”) Natureza Humana, vol. 12-N.2 (2010), 1-16

“From the problem of the method to the method as problem: philosophical hermeneutics and the question of understanding.” (“Da problemática do método ao método como problema: hermenêutica filosófica e a questão do compreender.”) Gragoatá, vol. 29 (2010), 49-63

Book chapters

“Beyond the traces, the traces: writing and deconstruction of the language.” (“Para além dos rastros, os rastros: escritura e desconstrução da linguagem.”) (at the printer’s, 2016)

“From the eyes and hands: art and ‘letting be’ in Heidegger and Derrida.” (“Dos olhos e das mãos: arte e ‘deixar ser’ em Heidegger e Derrida.”) In Dislocation/F(r)iction (Deslocamento/F(r)icção). Cezar Tadeu Bartholomeu, Cristian Andres Siva Avaria, orgs. 8-19. Rio de Janeiro: EBA-UFRJ, 2012.

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