Rodrigo Guimarães Nunes

Academic duties

Departmental coordinator of PIBIC; leader of the research group Materialisms – Ontology, Science and Politics in Contemporary Philosophy (Materialismos – Ontologia, Ciência e Política na Filosofia Contemporânea) (; Productivity fellowship in Teaching and Research – PUC-Rio; coordinator of the Contemporary Ontology Work Group of ANPOF



Doctorate in Philosophy, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2009


He works in modern and contemporary philosophy, particularly in the fields of ontology and political philosophy. He is the author of the book Organisation of the Organisationless: Collective Action After Networks (Mute/PML Books, 2014), and is currently working on a monographic study of theories of political organization. He was a visiting professor at Goldsmiths College, University of London (2007-8), where he developed and lectured on the programme of Post-War French Philosophy, as well as at the University of East London (2008-2009), the University of Westminster (2008), the Jan Van Eyck Academie (2010), the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (2010), the Federal University of Paraíba (2012) and the Federal University of Mato Grosso (2013). He received a CAPES grant for his Master’s (PUCRS) and Doctorate (Goldsmiths, University of London) studies and a CAPES/PNPD grant for his Post-Doctorate studies (PUCRS), together with a FAPERGS grant. He is currently a productivity fellow of PUC-Rio. He is the Coordinator of the Contemporary Ontology Work Group of ANPOF, the leader of the research group Materialisms – Ontology, Science and Politics in Contemporary Philosophy (Materialismos – Ontologia, Ciência e Política na Filosofia Contemporânea) (CNPq), and a member of the Brazilian Centre of Research in Democracy, the Centre for Research in Contemporary French Philosophy and the research group Movimentos 2.0 (Cnpq). He was a member of the editorial committee of the magazine Turbulence and is currently a member of the board of the magazine Social Movement Studies. As a curator, he organized the event ‘Stronger Are the Powers of the People’: Politics, Poetics and Popular Education in Brazilian Cinema, 1962-1979, held in London and Berlin.


Lattes curriculum:

Research projects

Immanence and Post-Critical Ontologies (Imanência e Ontologias Pós-Críticas)

Politics in Networks and the Question of Organization (Política em Rede e a Questão da Organização)

Poetics and Politics in Brazilian Cinema from the 1960s to the 1970s (Poética e Política no Cinema Brasileiro dos Anos 60 e 70)

Recent publications


Organisation of the Organisationless. Collective Action After Networks. Londres: Mute/PML Books, 2014.

Articles in periodicals

“The Network Prince: Leadership Between Clastres and Machiavelli.” International Journal of Communication 9 (2015): 3662-3679.

“Entre Negri y Laclau: Los Límites de la Multitud.” Políticas de la Memoria16 (2015): 39-55.

“Learning to No End: Tension and Telos in Pedagogy and Politics.” Lápiz 2 (2015): 81-98.

“Juin n’est pas fini.” Les Temps Modernes 678 (2014): 4-23.

“Generación, acontecimiento, perspectiva. Pensar el cambio a partir de Brasil.” Nueva Sociedad 10 (2014): 42-54.

“Building on Destruction.” South Atlantic Quarterly 112 (2013): 568-576.

“Como Não Ler Foucault e Deleuze, or: Para Ler Foucault e Deleuze Politicamente.” Principios 20 (2013): 558-581.

Book chapters

“Honneth and Lacan on the Limits of Recognition.” In Justice and Recognition. On Axel Honneth and Critical Theory, organized by Nythamar de Oliveira, Marek Hrubec, Emil Sobottka, Giovanni Saavedra, 73-88. Praga/ Porto Alegre: Filosofia/PUCRS, 2015.

“Pack of Leaders: Thinking Organization and Spontaneity with Deleuze and Guattari. In Occupy: A People Yet to Come, edited by Andrew Conio, 98-124. New Jersey: Open Humanities Press, 2015.

“Notes Towards a Rethinking of the Militant.” In Communism in the 21st Century, edited by Shannon Brincat, vol. 3, 163-188. Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2014.

“A Política no Meio. Para uma Interpretação Política dos Dualismos em Deleuze e Guattari.”  In Por uma Política Menor: Arte, Comum, Multidão, organized by Giuseppe Cocco and Maurício Siqueira, 53-84. Rio de Janeiro: Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa.ção_pol%C3%ADtica_dos_dualismos_em_Deleuze_e_Guattari

Entries “Ancestrality,” “Anhypothetical,” “Arche-Fossil” and “Vitalism.” In: The Meillassoux Dictionary, organized by Peter Gratton and Paul Ennis. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.

Organized volumes

Dossier “Brésil: l’Année Qui Ne S’Achève Pas.” Les Temps Modernes 678 (2014).


“Brazil’s Silent Majority Has Not Been Swept Up by the Anti-Rousseff Protests.” The Guardian, April 7th (2016).

“The Realist’s Dilemma.” Jacobin, March 28th (2016).

“‘Vai Ter Luto e Luta, ou Não Vai Ter Nada’. Special Interview with Rodrigo Nunes.” IHU Online, May 8th (2016).

“Educação pela Lama: Ambientalismo em Tempos de Polarização.” Folha de São Paulo, November 29th (2015).

“A ‘Onda Conservadora’ É Menos Fácil de Entender do que Se Imagina.” Folha de São Paulo, August 28th (2015).

“O Realismo Talvez Não Seja o que Você Imagina.” Folha de São Paulo, March 15th (2015).

“As Manifestações Renovarão os Mecanismos Existentes ou Criarão Novos? Special Interveiw with Rodrigo Nunes.” IHU Online, February 17th (2014).


“Was President Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment a Coup?” Inside Story programme, Al Jazeera, May 13th (2016).

“Uma Relação entre Relações: Repensar a Mediação.” Conference at the Seminar Politics of Mediation (Políticas da Mediação), São Paulo Museum of Art, April 15th (2016).

“Is Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff Facing Impeachment?” Inside Story programme, Al Jazeera, August 17th (2015).

“From Social Networks to Political Parties.” Conference at the Finnish Social Forum, April 26th (2015).

“O Luxo do Comunismo.” Conference at the International Symposium The Thousand Names of Gaia (Os Mil Nomes de Gaia), September 19th (2014).

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