Danilo Marcondes de Souza Filho

Academic Responsibilities

Special Advisor to the Rectory

Central Coordinator of Internationalization

Coordinator of the Project ERA – Ethics and Current Reality




PhD in Philosophy, University of Saint Andrews (UK), 1980


Professor on the graduate (Philosophy of Language) and post-graduate (Modern Philosophy) courses at the Department of Philosophy, researcher in the field of Modern Philosophy on the subject “The resumption of Ancient Scepticism in the Modern Age” (“A retomada do Ceticismo Antigo no Período Moderno”), researcher in the field of the Philosophy of Language with the research project “For a Method of Analysis of Indirect Acts of Speech” (“Por um Método de Análise de Atos de Fala Indiretos”); he also works in the field of applied ethics providing lectures, consultancy services, newspaper articles and videos on YouTube.




Research Projects

The Resumption of Ancient Scepticism in the Modern Age

Pragmatics and the Philosophy of Language

He coordinates the blog and advisory activities of ERA – Ethics and current reality (supported by FINEP and FAPERJ). The aim is to carry out research into the decision-making process at organizations and their ethical implications based on the principal contemporary ethical theories. The project is interdisciplinary and includes graduate and post-graduate fellowship holders from the departments of Philosophy, Law and Administration.


Recent publications


Marcondes, D. A verdade, São Paulo, Martins Fontes, 2014.

Marcondes, D. & Noel Struchiner, Textos básicos de filosofia do direito, Rio, Zahar, 2015.

Marcondes, D. Textos básicos sobre a revolução científica moderna, Rio, Zahar, 2016.

Marcondes, D. As armadilhas da linguagem, Rio,  Zahar, 2017 (at the printer’s).

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