Palestra do Prof. Pierre Wagner (Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne), A Critical Review of Logical Pluralisms

Data: 25/10/2016

Local: Sala L1156

No âmbito do Projeto Capes/Cofecub entre a PUC-Rio e a universidade Paris 1 teremos a visita do Professor Pierre Wagner de 24 de outubro a 6 de novembro. Além de outras atividades com os membros do projeto ele dará as duas palestras anunciadas abaixo.

Pierre Wagner

Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne

A critical review of logical pluralisms 25/10 às 10hs sala 1156 Cardeal Leme

What is the normative role of logic 01/11 às 10hs sala 1156 Cardeal Leme

The first talk is a critical examination of contemporary discussions about logical pluralism (as illustrated by Shapiro, Varieties of logic, Beall and

Restall, Logical Pluralism, Field, “Pluralism in Logic” among others), trying to separate the wheat from the chaff and finding out what the real issues are and how to characterize them.

In the second talk, I propose to make the connection between pluralism and the issue of normativity of logic. The starting point could be Field’s paper on “What is the normative role of logic”, published the same year as the previous one on pluralism.

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