PUC-Rio’s Philosophy Department has run a stricto sensu post-graduate programme since 1973, when it opened a Master’s course, which was accredited in 1976. The doctorate course was opened in 1985 and accredited in 1992. Both courses have been reaccredited without interruption and, since 2005, have trained around 260 Masters and 80 Doctors, the majority of whom are already incorporated into different faculty staff of higher education institutions.

In addition to the courses, which are principally designed to prepare qualified researchers and teachers for higher education teaching positions, the post-graduate programme organizes regular activities, notably:

  1. Philosophy symposia: forums for the presentation of the work of researchers from the programme and, above all, from other institutions, in Brazil and abroad;
  2. The publication, since 1989, of an indexed magazine, O que nos faz pensar, with an international editorial staff and classified in Qualis as “National A”;
  3. Various editorial projects related to the publication of the results of research undertaken on the Programme;
  4. SAF (Philosophy Post-Graduate Students’ Week): a forum for the presentation of the work of the students on the Programme. SAF also enjoys the participation of guest teachers from other institutions.
  5. Seminars, courses and lectures related to the Institute of Logic and Philosophy of Language (ILFL).
  6. Seminars, courses and lectures related to the Centre of Ancient Philosophy Studies (NUFA).
  7. Seminars, courses and lectures related to Centre of Studies in Ethics and Deconstruction.


Requirements for obtaining Master’s and Doctor’s degrees (PT)

Curriculum Framework

Timetable of Post-Graduation Courses (PT)

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